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Several Arrests for Disorderly Conduct, Solicitation during Guns N’ Roses Concert at East Rutherford NJ MetLife Stadium

Posted in Assault Offenses, Property Crimes, Public Order Crimes
Police officers recently arrested 30 people at a Guns N’ Roses concert that was held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Guns N’ Roses, the popular rock band, was performing at MetLife Stadium. The stadium usually serves as home field for the NY Jets and the NY Giants, two pro football teams in… Continue Reading

Paterson NJ Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Had Defaced Handgun in Car

Posted in Public Order Crimes, Weapons Offenses
Paterson NJ police recently arrested a man accused of possessing an unregistered handgun while driving on a city road. Police officers made the arrest just after 5:00 a.m. According to law enforcement, Paterson New Jersey patrol cops noticed a motorist swerving between lanes on the roadway and generally driving erratically. When the Paterson NJ police… Continue Reading

Paterson NJ Man Allegedly Impersonated Cop to Help Girlfriend Avoid Ticket

Posted in Public Order Crimes, Traffic Violations, Weapons Offenses
Passaic County law enforcement apprehended a man who allegedly impersonated a cop so that his girlfriend could get out of a traffic ticket in Paterson, NJ. A Passaic County Sheriff’s officer was on patrol near Presidential Boulevard in Paterson when he reportedly noticed a female driver using her cellphone while driving a 2016 black Nissan… Continue Reading

“The Hunt” at Far Hills NJ Likely to Result in Several Arrests, Criminal Charges

Posted in Drug Crimes, Public Order Crimes
New Jersey police expect to make a number of arrests this Saturday at the 95th annual Far Hills Race, to be held at the 230-acre Moorland Farm in Far Hills, NJ. The Far Hills Race, which is known by many as “The Hunt,” features races involving several of the world’s best thoroughbred horses. Race organizers… Continue Reading

Carjacking of Private Vehicle, Police Cruiser in Englewood Cliffs Ends with Crash in Paramus, NJ

Posted in Assault Offenses, Public Order Crimes, Theft Offenses, Traffic Violations
A carjacking incident occurred a week ago when a woman stopped her vehicle after spotting a man lying in the street in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The woman was with her two children and on her way home from a friend’s house when she saw the suspect on the roadway. According to the woman, the… Continue Reading