Clifton New Jersey Theft LawyersClifton NJ police are searching for three people accused of impersonating city workers in order to gain access to a home and then steal expensive jewelry.

The theft crime was committed last week. According to law enforcement officials, the three suspects knocked on the door of house in Clifton NJ and told the woman who answered the door that they were city employees. The suspect further said that they needed to check the home’s water valves.

Once inside the home, the suspect began to look at sinks and faucets before turning their attention to a bedroom on the second floor. While two of the suspects distracted the homeowner, the third suspect stole expensive jewelry from the bedroom.

When the victim later realized that her personal possessions were gone, she dialed 911 and alerted the police.

Detectives with the Clifton Police Department are currently investigating the theft incident and trying to determine the identities of the culprits.

Clifton NJ police have asked city residents to local residents to be careful about letting any suspicious people inside their houses.

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