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Haledon Police Arrest Minors for Underage Drinking at Hookah Lounge

Posted in Juvenile Crimes
Haledon NJ law enforcement recently arrested 10 people, including six juveniles, at a local hookah lounge and charged them with offenses related to underage drinking. The Haledon Police Department launched an investigation after getting multiple complaints about possible underage drinking at Café Diaz on Haledon Avenue in Haledon, NJ. The investigation was called “Operation Smoke”… Continue Reading

Juvenile Arrested, Allegedly Shot Paterson Police Officer

Posted in Juvenile Crimes
Paterson NJ police recently arrested a teen accused of shooting a cop on a city street. The shooting incident occurred early in the morning. According to authorities, the 16-year-old suspect tried to rob someone near the intersection of Carroll Street and Park Street in Paterson, NJ. When a Paterson cop showed up at the scene,… Continue Reading