Little Falls Fraud AttorneyLaw enforcement officials Little Falls, NJ are looking into possible embezzlement and fraud involving the Little Falls Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

The New Jersey PTA determined that a thorough investigation was necessary after state auditors reportedly came across financial irregularities in the records of the Little Falls PTA. Specifically, auditors reportedly found that School 2 and School 3 in Little Falls were missing funds that should have been accounted for after fundraising and donations.

The NJ PTA will be sending official investigators to take a closer look at the Little Falls PTA books.

Initial reports indicate that thousands of dollars may have gone missing. Depending on the validity of those reports, it is possible that the person responsible for the alleged embezzlement could be looking at severe penalties that include prison time and fines.

For more information about this case, check out the article, “Thousands in PTA Money at Little Falls Schools May Be Missing.”