Passaic NJ Sex Crime ChargesA Passaic New Jersey man was recently arrested and charged with numerous sex crimes in North Carolina for allegedly forcing multiple women into sexual servitude.

The suspect is a 36-year-old man from Passaic, NJ. He was residing in Cary, North Carolina when he reportedly used heroin to lure heroin addicts into a criminal enterprise that involved prostitution.

According to prosecutors, the suspect targeted women with heroin addictions and then gave them narcotics to persuade them to engage in prostitution. The suspect reportedly planned to have the victims perform sex acts on other men and then keep the proceeds.

Police investigated the situation and eventually placed the suspect under arrest. He was subsequently charged with a number of crimes, including human trafficking, sexual servitude, and aiding and abetting prostitution. It is possible that the suspect could face additional charges for other sex crimes, as well as drug crimes like possession of heroin and distribution of heroin.

For additional information about this case, access the article, “Man Turned Women into Sex Slaves with Heroin, Police Allege.”