Wayne NJ Theft LawyersA man who used to work at a Wayne New Jersey hospital was recently indicted on criminal charges for theft of Fentanyl.

The suspect is a 28-year-old male from Totowa, NJ. He was previously employed at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Wayne, New Jersey. His duties at the Wayne NJ hospital included filling Pyxis machines that dispense prescription medicine during operations.

According to authorities, the suspect stole medication from dispensers in operating rooms and then filled the vials with a colorless solution.

After taking the Fentanyl, the suspect reportedly took the vials to the hospital pharmacy and said that the vials were defective.

Law enforcement conducted an investigation into the suspect and eventually arrested him. He was subsequently charged with theft and drug tampering.

If the suspect is ultimately convicted on the criminal charges, he could potentially be sentenced to 15 years in NJ State Prison.

The suspect is no longer employed at the hospital in Wayne, NJ. Additionally, he reportedly surrendered his pharmacy license after the criminal charges were filed against him.

For more information about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Hospital Pharmacy Tech Stole Fentanyl from Operating Room, Cops Say.”