Paterson NJ Drug Crime AttorneysPaterson New Jersey cops recently arrested multiple people who allegedly sold heroin at a local house.

The Paterson Police Department and the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office started a joint investigation after getting information about illegal drug transactions at a residence on East 24th Street in Paterson, NJ.

Paterson NJ detectives conducted surveillance on the house and allegedly saw several people involved in an illegal drug sale. Paterson police officers arrested two people who allegedly purchased heroin. The suspects, an 18-year-old Pompton Plains NJ male and a 19-year-old Pompton Plains NJ male, reportedly had nine glassines of heroin stamped with “Free El Chapo.” Both suspects were arrested and charged with possession of heroin.

Paterson detectives also arrested four people who allegedly sold heroin. The drug distribution suspects include an 18-year-old man, a 32-year-old man, a 24-year-old man, and a juvenile. All of the suspects are from Paterson, New Jersey.

The adult suspects have been charged with distribution of heroin. It is possible that the juvenile suspect will face juvenile drug charges.

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