Paterson NJ Drug Crime AttorneysPaterson New Jersey police recently arrested a man who allegedly sold narcotics from his apartment.

Law enforcement opened an investigation into the 58-year-old Paterson NJ suspect after getting numerous complaints from Paterson residents about illegal drug activity.

Police officers eventually got a search warrant for the suspect’s apartment. When Paterson police searched the residence, they allegedly found a massive amount of heroin and crack cocaine. The illegal narcotics seized by police officers reportedly included more than 18,000 envelopes filled with crack cocaine and more than 1,200 capsules of crack cocaine. According to prosecutors, the illegal narcotics have a street value of roughly $100,000.

The suspect now faces numerous drug crime charges, including possession of heroin with intent to distribute and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

For further information about this case, read the article, “More Than 18K Bags of Heroin Seized from Man’s Home, Cops Say.”