Willowbrook Mall Assault InvestigationWayne New Jersey police investigated a report of an active shooter firing gunshots at the Willowbrook Mall. The reports came after at least two fights broke out in the mall’s food court.

The popular Willowbrook Mall in Wayne NJ became a site of chaos on Sunday evening after local law enforcement responded to reports of fights and a shooting. The reports circulated on social media, leading to panic among shoppers who were using their cellphones.

The Wayne Police Department sent cops to the mall to conduct an investigation. When police officers arrived at the scene, they searched the building but could not find anyone armed with a deadly weapon.

Wayne NJ police officers got control of the fights in the food court and made sure that a few people injured while evacuating could get the medical treatment they needed.

Police did not indicate whether anyone was placed under arrest as a result of the fights. If suspects were arrested, they could potentially be charged with crimes that include disorderly conduct and simple assault.

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