Paterson NJ Criminal Defense Law FirmPaterson New Jersey police recently arrested two men who were allegedly running a cockfighting ring operating out of a local bar.

According to authorities, the illegal cockfighting and gambling ring was run out of the basement of Ranchi City Bar & Liquor, which is located on Market Street in Paterson, NJ

Law enforcement began an investigation into the bar after getting a tip about illegal gambling at the establishment. Detectives with the Paterson Police Department later executed a search warrant at the bar.

While conducting the search, Paterson police officers allegedly discovered three live roosters, cockfighting apparel, and detailed gambling records. Beyond that, Paterson cops allegedly found 21 grams of crack cocaine and eight Endocet pills.

Two people were placed under arrest at the bar. One of the men arrested by police is the 50-year-old bar owner, who resides in Paterson, NJ. The other man placed under arrest is the bartender, a 43-year-old resident of Paterson.

The bar owner faces criminal charges for promoting gambling and maintaining a gambling resort. Meanwhile, the bartender has been charged with gambling offenses, illegal possession of a handgun, and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. The suspect has been charged with the weapons offense because a search of his Paterson house allegedly led to the discovery of a .45-caliber handgun.

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