Clifton NJ Sex Crime AllegationsTwo New Jersey doctors, one of whom practiced in Clifton, recently agreed to surrender their medical licenses in connection with allegations of sex crimes.

One of the suspects is a Clifton anesthesiologist who allegedly made illegal sexual contact with a patient at his Clifton medical office. The other suspect is a Bergenfield internist who allegedly engaged in criminal sexual contact with five of his patients and three of his workers.

The Bergenfield NJ suspect previously admitted wrongdoing and pleaded guilty to the criminal charges against him. Meanwhile, the Clifton NJ suspect denied the allegations and fought the charges.

Now both suspects have agreed to surrender the licenses that enable them to practice medicine in New Jersey.

According to authorities, the Clifton suspect will no longer need to go through the process of a disciplinary hearing with the medical board because he has agreed to retire and stop practicing medicine.

If either suspect eventually wishes to seek reinstatement of their medical license, they will have to wait at least a decade and then first pay a monetary penalty of $20,000.

NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino recently issued a statement on the cases and told New Jersey residents that “doctor-patient trust serves as the bedrock of the medical profession.” Porrino added that “sexual exploitation of patients is the gravest imaginable violation of this trust.”

For additional information about these cases, read the article, “N.J. Revokes Licenses of 2 Doctors Accused of Sexual Misconduct.”