Paterson NJ Heroin Distribution ChargesPolice officers recently raided an alleged heroin distribution operation at a residence in Paterson, NJ

According to prosecutors, the ringleader’s home in Paterson was used a base of operations for the illegal drug network.

New Jersey State Police investigated the suspect for a while before obtaining a search warrant for his car and his home. When police officer stopped the suspect’s vehicle on a Paterson roadway and conducted a search, they reportedly found 135 bricks of heroin and other illegal drugs. Police also reportedly discovered an unregistered handgun and a shotgun hidden inside the car.

A raid of the suspect’s home in Paterson allegedly led to the discovery of 79 grams of raw heroin and 3,791 packets of heroin.

The suspect, a Paterson NJ residence has been charged with numerous crimes, including maintaining a heroin production facility, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, conspiracy, and various weapons offenses.

Additionally, five family members of the suspects have also been criminally charged in connection with the alleged heroin distribution network. The other suspects hail from Paterson and West New York.

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