Passaic County Marijuana Distribution SuspectsPolice arrested a number of people who allegedly have ties to a major North Jersey drug ring operating out of Passaic County, NJ.

Law enforcement conducted a detailed investigation that lasted four months and then executed search warrants at location in four counties including Passaic County, Bergen County, Sussex County, and Morris County.

When police carried out the drug raids, they allegedly discovered 10 pounds of marijuana, nine pounds of THC wax, and 1,000 grams of THC-infused candy. Police also reportedly found drug paraphernalia that included bongs and drug packaging materials.

One of the main suspects placed under arrest by police in connection with the drug ring is a 33-year-old Haskell NJ man. He faces criminal charges for leading a narcotics trafficking network and financial facilitation of criminal activity. If the suspect is ultimately convicted of being the leader of a drug trafficking network, he could potentially be sentenced to 10-20 years in New Jersey State Prison.

Among the other suspects placed under arrest by police are a 23-year-old Ringwood NJ woman and a 29-year-old female from Morris Plains, New Jersey. The Ringwood suspect has been charged with financial facilitation of criminal activity, while the Morris Plains NJ woman faces charges for maintaining or operated a drug production facility and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

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