Clifton NJ Aggravated Assault AttorneysClifton New Jersey police are trying to find a teenage suspect who allegedly robbed a homeless woman and then assaulted a homeless man.

According to Clifton authorities, the robbery attempt occurred around 9:00 p.m. near Parker Avenue and Highland Avenue in Clifton, NJ. The suspect reportedly walked up to a 59-year-old homeless woman who was sitting against a wall and tried to steal her cell phone, as well as a pack of cigarettes.

The victim’s friend, a homeless man, saw the robbery attempt and tried to intervene. The suspect allegedly responded by grabbing a knife and attempting to slash the male victim. It is also believed that the suspect may have been in possession of a handgun at the time of the violent incident.

The suspect ultimately left the scene without getting the female victim’s cell phone. He was last seen running away and fleeing the area on foot.

The Clifton NJ Police Department dispatched officers to the scene to investigate. Members of the Clifton Fire Department also came to the scene to provide medical treatment to the victims.

If law enforcement can identify and apprehend the suspect, he would probably be charged with multiple crimes, including robbery and aggravated assault.

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