Paterson NJ Heroin Distribution LawyersPaterson New Jersey law enforcement recently arrested a local man accused of possessing large amounts of illegal drugs, in addition to an illegal handgun.

According to Paterson NJ officials, detectives with the Paterson Police Department Major Crimes Division were in the process of conducting surveillance around Auburn Street in Paterson when they saw the suspect selling heroin to someone on the street.

The Paterson NJ detectives subsequently moved toward the suspect and tried to stop him. However, when the suspect noticed the police officers, he allegedly fled the scene and ran into a nearby apartment building. Paterson NJ police officers followed the suspect inside the building and upstairs. Police eventually located him hiding in an apartment on the third floor.

Paterson detectives later searched the apartment and allegedly found 1,107 glassines filled with heroin and 48 vials filled with crack cocaine. Police officers also allegedly came across an unregistered .380-caliber Jennings handgun. The gun was reportedly loaded with ammunition.

The suspect is a 19-year-old male who resides in Prospect Park, New Jersey. He faces numerous criminal charges, including distribution of heroin, possession of crack cocaine, and illegal possession of a handgun.

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