Paterson NJ Drug Distribution LawyersPassaic County NJ police recently arrested two people accused of possessing heroin at a residence in Paterson, New Jersey.

The Passaic County Sheriff’s Office sent detectives to the area of Mill Street and Slater Street in Paterson NJ after law enforcement got a complaint about illegal drug sales at a local home.

The narcotics detectives conducted surveillance in the neighborhood and allegedly saw a woman walk down Mill Street and knock on the door of a house. A man then emerged from the home and allegedly handed her drugs in exchange for cash. The illegal drugs were reportedly contained in small bundles.

When the female suspect left the house, Passaic County NJ detectives stopped her and conducted a search that reportedly revealed 12 bundles of heroin. Each bundle of heroin reportedly had 10 glassine envelopes, which is how heroin is often sold on the street.

Passaic County police then approached the Mill Street home and noticed the male suspect running to the second floor of the residence. Police officers eventually placed the suspect under arrest.

A search of the residence allegedly turned up 29 bricks of heroin, with the bricks containing another 1,500 glassine envelopes. Passaic County NJ officials estimate that the heroin seized by authorities has a street value of approximately $7,000.

During the search of the residence, police also reportedly discovered 59 zip-lock baggies containing crack cocaine.

The female suspect is an 18-year-old from Paterson, NJ. She has been charged with possession of heroin.

The male suspect is a 19-year-old from Paterson. He has been charged with numerous drug crimes, including distribution of heroin, possession of heroin, and possession of crack cocaine. He also faces criminal charges for resisting arrest.

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