Passaic County NJ Marijuana LawyersPassaic County authorities recently arrested several people in a major drug sting operation.

The operation was conducted by the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office and the Paterson Police Department. Police called the undercover operation “caveat emptor,” a Latin phrase that means “buyer beware.” In this instance, the people who needed to beware included anyone who might be looking to buy illicit drugs.

Law enforcement decided to conduct the drug sting after receiving numerous complaints about drug trafficking and drug distribution in Paterson, NJ.

According to officials, the drug raid occurred at 221 Broadway, with Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office detectives and Paterson police officers conducting surveillance on people who entered a building, bought illegal drugs, and then tried to leave the area.

Police reportedly observed as many as 50 people walk into the building every hour. Police also said that they saw drug dealers who were serving as lookouts for police.

Police ultimately arrested a total of 36 people during the drug operation. Most of the individuals arrested hail from Paterson, New Jersey.

One of the suspects is a 39-year-old Paterson man who has been charged with drug possession, illegal possession of a handgun, and a certain persons offense for being a felon illegally in possession of a handgun.

Most of the suspects who were placed under arrest are charged with remaining in a public place for the purpose of buying drugs.

Five of the suspects were also charged with obstructing the administration of law.

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