Paterson New Jersey Assault LawyersTwo teens allegedly committed a violent “knockout game” assault in Paterson, NJ.

According to authorities, the teens attacked an elderly man at the intersection of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Van Houten Street in Paterson, New Jersey. As the victim tried to walk across the street, one of the teenage suspects allegedly approached the man and punched him in the face.

Meanwhile, the other teen suspect is said to have record the attack on video. During the attack, he also allegedly urged the attacker to keep hitting the victim.

Police said that the assault was entirely unprovoked. The video recording of the assault, which circulated online, has generated outrage among viewers.

The Paterson Police Department investigated the violent incident and eventually identified the suspects after getting tips from individuals who saw the online video.

One of the teen suspects is a 16-year-old boy from Paterson, New Jersey. He turned himself in to Paterson police and was charged with multiple crimes, including aggravated assault and endangering an injured victim.

Paterson authorities are still looking for the actual attacker in the case. It is believed that the other suspect is a 17-year-old male.

Paterson NJ police have said that this violent attack is an example the “knockout game,” which usually involves young people hitting an unsuspecting victim as another person records the encounter on video.

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