Paterson NJ Marijuana Possession Lawyers

Passaic County NJ Criminal AttorneysPassaic County Sheriff’s officers recently nabbed a man accused of possessing a large quantity of cocaine at a residence in Paterson, New Jersey.

Police initially arrested a different suspect on marijuana possession charges. That suspect was reportedly driving an Acura MDX on Temple Street in Paterson when cops stopped his vehicle. Officers approached the

Paterson NJ Drug Crime LawyersPaterson NJ police recently arrested two people accused of possessing several packages of marijuana in their motor vehicle.

According to law enforcement, the suspects were pulled over by police while driving along Michigan Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey. Two Passaic County Sheriff’s officers reportedly saw that the suspects’ vehicle, a black Lexus, had tinted windows,

Paterson NJ Heroin Possession SuspectPolice recently arrested a Paterson NJ man accused of possessing 900 envelopes of heroin in his car.

Passaic County law enforcement made the arrest while conducting a traffic stop in the area of Main Street and Barclay Street. A Paterson narcotics detective pulled over the suspect, who was driving a Mercedes-Benz.

According to the officials,

Paterson NJ Expungement AttorneysNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently signed off on a bill that will shorten the waiting periods for people looking to get their criminal convictions and arrests expunged in New Jersey.

Christie did not offer comment or any kind of official statement when he signed bill into law without providing comment or an official statement.