Paterson NJ Criminal AttorneysPaterson New Jersey police law enforcement is trying to find the person who allegedly murdered someone on a city street.

The fatal shooting incident happened around 4:00 p.m. in the area of Essex Street and Madison Street in Paterson, NJ.

Emergency medical responders transported the shooting victim to nearby St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, where doctors attempted to save his life. Tragically, the victim was pronounced dead roughly three hours after being shot and taken to the medical facility.

Paterson police detectives are currently investigating the homicide and trying to figure out who might have been the person responsible.

If police can eventually identify and arrest the shooting suspect, that person would probably face criminal charges for first degree murder and various weapons offenses.

A conviction on the most serious charges of first degree murder could result in a sentence of life imprisonment in NJ State Prison, with a minimum mandatory punishment of 30 years behind bars.

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