A Passaic New Jersey firefighter who allegedly got into a bar fight was placed on unpaid leave after city officials looked at his file and reportedly noticed complaints.

The violent altercation happened on January 21, 2017. According to law enforcement, the suspect among a group of people at the Emerald Corner tavern in Clifton NJ when he got involved in a fight. Workers at the bar dialed 911 to notify the Clifton Police Department, which sent officers to the area.

When Clifton police officers arrived at the scene, the fight was already over and there was no need to place anyone under arrest.

Despite the fact that the suspect was not arrested or criminally charged with simple assault or aggravated assault in connection with the bar fight, he could still lose his job. That’s because the Passaic Fire Department checked out his file after the incident and reportedly saw that there were several complaints against him.

As a result of the official complaints in the suspect’s file, he has been placed on unpaid leave.

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