Paterson NJ Manslaughter Plea DealA Paterson New Jersey man has been sentenced to time in NJ State Prison for the stabbing death of his roommate’s boyfriend.

According to authorities, the 36-year-old suspect pleaded guilty to reckless manslaughter charges.

The suspect reportedly admitted to killing the 50-year-old victim during an argument at the suspect’s residence in July 2013. The argument began as a verbal altercation before things escalated and turned physical.

The victim died as a result of the stab wounds.

After the suspect allegedly stabbed the victim, he fled the scene. He evaded police for a long time before eventually turning himself in to authorities in March 2014.

The suspect later reached a plea deal with Passaic County prosecutors. Although the suspect pleaded guilty to reckless manslaughter, he was initially charged with aggravated manslaughter in the case. A conviction on aggravated manslaughter charges could have resulted in a sentence of up to 30 years in New Jersey State Prison

Now the suspect has been sentenced to 8 years in state prison. As part of the plea agreement, he will be required to serve nearly 7 years before he becomes eligible for release on parole.

For further information about this case, access the article entitled “Paterson Man Sentenced to 8-Year Term in Stabbing Death of Roommate’s Boyfriend.”